December 7, 2004

in Knowledge Innovation, Social Networks

I had a wonderful conversation with TDavid of MakeYouGoHmmyesterday. For once I found myself being swamped with new links one of which was StumbleUpon. (see also TDavid.Stumble) . Everyone on Stumble has an RSS feed for the links they are clipping so while investigating what Stumble actually is I added his RSS feed to my aggregator and then scanned the last few clips. Some interesting examples emerged. It was enough to prompt me to install it and try it myself.

StumbleUpon is a new way to surf the web. It lets you channel-surf pages recommended by friends and peers – great sites you can’t find using search engines.

We are a community-based, word-of-mouth approach to websurfing – pages you “stumble upon” come from like-minded people who share your interests. Add the Toolbar, choose some topics and click Stumble! You’ll meet people who like your favorite sites as you discover the best of the web.
StumbleUpon Toolbar

What I found was it very quickly provided some neat and fun links. Not the stuff I’d normally find just by searching. I’m going to play with it some more. Where it will become even more useful is when someone sends me a link and I want to remember it quickly. Unlike favorites it saves them in a blog format. That makes it easy to go back to later. Adding the thumbs up to sites no yet in the community is a postiive too. Capture my own RSS feed and I have all those recent pages of interest that I should be blogging ready and available.

The final twist in this post is better late than never. I’d captured Stumble in my link blog via Judith Meskill way back in the beginnning of the year. And low and behold TDavid blogged it back in January. So apparently I’ve just joined another social network despite thinking they are effectively dead and almost a year late. At least this one looks like I may learn from what others are clipping. Click Click Click….

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