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December 14, 2004

in Blogging, Rich Profiles

Just testing out Userplane’s new A/V blogging tool. It’s simple and easy to use. I just created a quick “testing” post. It’s certainly easy to use. Beyond stop / start there is really no editing capability. Get it right or erase and start again. In this format it could be used as simple briefing and status report updates. When this converges with voice mail.. then it may be a whole lot more personable and persuasive to leave a video mail. The act of just recording a video will probably raise your energy level.

Neat easy to use tool. I’m trying to insert it in a wikispace I’m working on. I’m also thinking about whether to simply replace the photo on the blog here with a short introductory video. Will have to think about the content. Alternatively it could become a little “this week I’m exploring… or thinking about”. With the interests in podcasting it’s introduction is timely. To do anything substantial in this area… additional functionality is required. Still the short burst have merits.

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