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December 21, 2004

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Following yesterday’s post on SkypeCasting – recording call content on Skype for sending out for podcasts. I learnt a few more things and had some great suggestions.

One point of clarity. What we did with VAC virtual audio cables and Window Sound Recorder may seem like a kludgy solution. However it has one distinct benefit over other methods that have been shared with me to date. The benefit is I don’t have to listen to myself amplified in my headset as I speak. Julian Bond’s solution in the post comments provides just this solution for free without additional Skype profiles running. You will hear yourself speaking. Testing with Peter Cooper’s approach provided the same result. I was also recently pointed to Replay Telecorder. Yet another answerphone / recorder to be added to what will become a very competitive space. I certainly got it recording both of us… I tried it with different profiles and such. In principle running it on another PC and dialing that PC into a conference call will give you the instant recording capability you need. However the problem remains. How do you use your laptop in the park to record an agreed improptu conversation and turn it into a podcast? Plus put it on air in minutes not hours. Cameron and Mick’s approach is way more difficult. While I think they may have improved it, this was tough.

“Replay Telecorder”, a little app which is supposed to record both sides of a Skype call (we live in different cities). Turns out though, when one of us hit “record”, the other person would get terrible echo of their own voice and not be able to hear the recording party. After lots of mucking about and googling, we finally stumbled upon the idea of each of us recording our OWN voice using Audacity and then merging the two files later in post. It was about 11.30pm by the time we figured that out (90 minutes into the session). So we recorded for half an hour. That was the easy part. Then Mick compressed his recording as an 15 Mb mp3 (20 minutes), uploaded it to his server (20 minutes) and I then downloaded it (20 minutes). Then I merged the two files, that worked okay, and I added an intro and tail and re-compressed the whole thing as an mp3. cameronreilly: G’Day World

Find the right recorder and you can always use another PC as a silent partner in a three four or five way conference. Just set the mic on mute. You can even automate it with an answer machine like SAM don’t enable you to record longer than a minute or two and may not convert the output yet into an efficient mp3 file. Separately, I’m going to write up what we really need, which is only partially about recorder and more importantly focused how tech may work to solve the “recording” challenge. For at the moment almost anything can be recorded. You also won’t know when it is happening. Somehow I think it is something the Skype team wants to solve too.

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