Where is the Headset Santa?

December 22, 2004

in Skype Journal

Dear Santa, this is what I really really want and no one but you might have it. It’s sort of hush hush, my friends might find it too practical or too geeky, so let me tell you I know you have a nice big iPod in the bag for me. Still Santa that is a little late I would have liked it last year and my son’s had a mini since the first day. Let me whisper what I really want. It is really quite simple.

pc headset.jpg

It’s a cordless stereo headset with mic (not at all like the picture). It needs to be supremely comfortable so I can wear it for long periods of time. The battery will have to last a whole day even if it is being used lots. Maybe your elves can provide two batteries and a rapid charger to go with the USB wireless device I presume it needs. I don’t like Bluetooth much and really want more range. If you must know I’m completely accustomed to using my Bluetooth headset with my mobile (great in the car) and now want some of those features at my desk. Even if I could work out how to connect my Bluetooth phone headset to my laptop and make it work with Skype I’d still not be completely happy.

I think your elves need to make one with good range, long battery life, great sound and low weight. I’d like it to be portable and thus robust. I want some simple buttons on it to control volume and switch from Skype to iTunes to “silent white noise”. Oh and that great voice dialing feature I’ve got with my Bluetooth on my Nokia mobile, I’d like that and make it work with iTunes selection too.

Anything else? Well I’d like it to retail for less than a hundred dollars, but frankly given the amount of time I now use a headset I’d pay more for comfort and a “sound” that protects my ears from damage. Listening to all these podcasts is going to be very important and I should have to tell you how to make people happy.

Well really Santa, I’ve been good, I gave up chocolate and became a Skypeaholic – still that is harmless enough right? And that Santa is exactly why I want this headset and not the iPod although I realize one must compromise from time to time.

Oh and Santa, I know my friends would love some too!

Can I be really greedy now Santa? Perhaps you can also influence the guys at Skype and Apple to provide a solution that works like it does with WinAmp. (See Skype file / options /advanced/auto-pause win amp). Plus Skype when it is from a buddy or anyone.. perhaps you can let me know “who is calling” voice before I answer. Then activate a voice trigger for accept, decline etc. Maybe Santa you can fix it with them. They have all these alliances and I’m still having to hunt for my mouse to answer it. It’s hard to finish when you encourage a wish list. I want this headset to be really smart. When i put it down.. I want it to ring out loud.


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