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December 28, 2004

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With any new gadget I just want to master them and then see what can be done. Like the millions of hits that apparently brought down the iTunes store on Christmas day I’ve been adding music. That’s where iTunes one way copying becomes the first bug. Last year over Christmas I ripped all the CD’s in our house. Many were added to my laptop, and the 40GB hard drive was really overfull with music. So the iPod was supposed to free up space on the laptop.

Taking control of the iPod.
After that first synch with the iTunes assuming you have lots of music in there. Switch the iPod to manual. iTunes / edit/ preferences / iPod. Unclick all the automatic updates. Otherwise each time you connect your iPod to the PC it just simply overwrites any music you may have added anywhere else. Do your really want to lose it? On manual you can go to other PC’s and add the music from them via iTunes. So I added the music files on the other PC’s around the house. Now the iPod has lots of music and can no longer synch automatically with the iTunes on the laptop. What you then need is a program that can copy / backup the files on your iPod to the PC. Then you have a backup of everything. It wasn’t hard to find.

I found two programs that would enable this. I first used iPod Access for Windows (also available for Mac) which provides a simple interface. After paying the $10:00 I was able to copy all my music files to the USB Backup Drive (didn’t want them back on my laptop). I then returned to my laptop and deleted all the iTunes music files and folders. Thus starting with a clean sheet. Then clicking iTunes/ edit/ preferences / advanced I unticked the copy music folders to the iTunes library. Then iTunes / File / Add Folder to Library I created a new library that mimics my iPod without filling up the diskdrive on my laptop. So at my desk I have all the music I want and on the road I still have it in my iPod, which can still be managed through my PC iTunes, iPod Access or Anapod. As I buy new music that’s added to the iTunes music folder. In time I will have to repeat the backup again. Anytime there is a need to add files from elsewhere…. just set the iPod to manual.

The second program Anapod provides more functionality than iPod Access and I’ve not yet finished exploring it. I still have the trial version not yet paid the $25 this one costs. Anapod also provides a streaming function and will enable you to listen to the music on your ipod via WinAmp or I think broadcast it should you desire. The iPod is now plugged into the stereo in the other room. I may be time to sell all those CD’s and make room for something new.

I’ve also added an iTrip which plays music over FM to any radio close by. Thus the iPod now gets around the busted CD player in my car and I have music again! I also added iTalk, so the iPod can be used as a recorder. I have a few ideas on how to use that too. Both these little additions partner very nicely with the iPod.

So now I have room to download all the new podcasts via iPodder and synch them quickly with the iPod. When I may ever listen to them all is another question.

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