December 29, 2004

in Podcasts

Another experiment on the SkypeCasting front. What’s required to capture Skype Calls from any PC directly onto an iPod. With an iPod combined with iTalk you have a line-in option.

With a headphone sharing cable you can use Julian Bond’s approach (although you will hear yourself talking too. and connect up your iPod as a recorder. It could work for underpowered PC’s with limited disk space. Another option is to use a PC that has a second sound card or plug in a USB soundcard. Then you can use the iPod to record off the second Skype profile. (see SkypeCasting Instructions). Under either of these methods it may be good enough for simply capturing an interview, it is not likely to be podcast material and tuning beyond workable is not worthwhile. Possibly the right audio mixer connected to both the iPod and the PC would work.

Then all these solutions just prove the futility of looking for a hardware related solution when the right “software” is just over the horizon. $10 for the “SkypePodcastRecorder” would be about right. A recording device that captures and balances the full audio stream from a single Skype profile. That will then create a whole new market for audio messaging.

I’ve also found that iTalk on the iPod records .wav files at 128kps consuming approximately 1mb per minute. It’s great for audio notes. and even longer sessions. You still have to convert it to an mp3. Any recorder above will do that automatically.

Enough playing around….

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