Talking Skype at Yi-Tan

January 2, 2005

in Skype Journal

Talk Skype with Jerry Michalski and me at 10:30amd PST tomorrow. Jerry is a leading guru on navigating technology change. He’s been hosting a series of 30 minute weekly calls.

Skype Me
Yi-Tan Weekly Tech Call #14
January 3, 2005

Our guest will be Stuart Henshall, a Chuck Yeager of presence and communication technologies (and co-founder of the Yi-Tan Collective). His blog, Unbound Spiral, has become a hub for Skype information online. David Isenberg, our recent guest for Freedom to Connect, will join us again, too.

Created by the same folks that gave us KaZaA, the Napster file-sharing descendant, Skype mixes the presence and interactivity of Instant Messaging with audio quality often better than a phone call.

We will cover questions like:

  • What is Skype?
  • How is the Skype experience different from conventional telephony?
  • What are third parties building on top of Skype? Where are they all headed?
  • How might Skype change the dynamics of telecom in emerging markets such as China? Yi-Tan Collective on Skype Me
  • For more details refer “Yi-tan” for dialing-in instructions. For those wanting to try something a little different; dial in using SkypeOut and bridge others into the call using a conference link. :-).

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