CES Overview

January 10, 2005

in Accelerating Innovation

I enjoyed two days walking and walking at CES. I found some of the displays simply ridiculous. LCD overkill everywhere. Many of the most interesting products were in the innovation tent. After that my time was best spent looking in the Hilton Ballrooms at the “country” displays. Many Asian OEM manufacturers were there. It was by far the best place to find out what was in the pipeline.

Looking around I’d say bluetooth is at a consumer tipping point. Over a year ago bluetooth was a frustration to me. For the last nine months my bluetooth headset has been indispensable. At CES bluetooth solutions are coming so fast that mobile phones without bluetooth no longer make sense. More importantly bluetooth is going to make it into the home with a new set of headsets. On this I have a separate post coming.

Next you can’t miss the coat-tailing on the iPod factor. From speakers to extra devices, the iPod world remains hot. This despite the 4 in 1 and even 5 in one mp3 related mini devices that were showcased. Still dig a little deeper and you find cell phone mockups with tiny tiny diskdrives. It can’t be long before these devices really merge into one. Now a mobile with a click wheel that would be cool!

Lastly how could I go to a show and not pay attention to Skype related products. Skype was hastily stamped on to some brochures and in other places some neat new products were emerging. I’m sure the VoIP stuff is well covered elsewhere. I’ll put together a few notes in the next day or so. Interest in Skype compatible products is growing.

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