Skype + Bluetooth = Cordless

January 14, 2005

in Skype Journal

Have a bluetooth headset? Using one with your mobile? At CES BT headset demos were everywhere. So I returned home determined to use my Motorola BT headset with my laptop. Part of the desire was just wanting to lose the wires that are always tangled round the headset just when I want to answer an inbound Skype call. There remains lots of discussion and desire to connect phones to Skype. I took a look at some of those at CES too (details coming). Still if you alreay have a BT headset and can secure a BT dongle for the laptop then I’d suggest you try it out.
Just before Christmas I blogged that I wanted a Bluetooth Stereo Headset. Google didn’t turn many up. At CES I counted and tried out four. These new BT Stereo Headsets allow media streaming and call answering. iTunes from the Laptop and take the Skype calls too… with no wires. I sense it will be a very attractive product. (I’ll blog them separately)

So how are Skypers doing with Bluetooth? Here’s some links to the forums. The desire is for them to work with your PC just like they work on your mobile. Click the earpiece to answer the Skype call. Not yet.. let’s keep asking!

  • Many Skypers are successfully using BT headsets today. Bluetooth Headset (HS01) and an X-Micro Bluetooth dongle for my PC – AND IT WORKS GREAT! How I made my Bluetooth headset work with XP SP2
  • Skypers want Bluetooth functionality that they get with their phone. Skype doesn’t support so called ‘headset-profiles’ or anything. BT Headset & Voice Dial Support for Skype?
  • Mac users get it too with the most recent beta supporting bluetooth. New Skype for Mac OS X!
  • It’s not always easy to get it paired with your laptop. I gave up 9 months ago. Then recently I had to reinstall my BT applications and low and behold it just works! Skyping without wires is even better. Now you can make that coffee and still stay on the line.

    If you are buying one you check that it can pair with more than one device. I checked mine and found it will remember up to eight different connections so this is likely to be common. Still, I find it will only work with one device at a time. Good luck going wireless!

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