BlogWalkChicago Saturday.

January 20, 2005

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BlogWalk USA in Chicago on Saturday. A group of wonderful people will be there. I’m looking forward to it. Rather than introduce it I thought I’d just tell a short story from today.

We have all had the experience of meeting an old friend in the street and then guiding them off to the place where you were headed for conversation and fun. Well, it happens now in the online world too. This morning I pinged Martin (usually in the UK)with an offer to try Skype voice mail. He came back with an I’m in Chicago and it is freezing. To keep it short I said… ah.. I’m there tomorrow what are you doing? Why not come along to BlogWalk? A few more exchanges and Jack found himself in a three way Skype Chat. Martin will be there on Saturday. Simply brilliant. I’ll only say… this connection would never have happened without Blogs, Skype and the willingness to share. I think it is pretty neat.

Straight from the Wiki! Jack Vinson – Lilia Efimova – Jim McGee David Burn Steve Dembo AKMA
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