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February 14, 2005

in Skype Journal

Robin Good and James Enck have the scoop on yet another Skype deal. Could this be the deal that Nokia should have done first? In other news MS is moving faster with cheaper wireless solutions.

Motorola has today also answered Niklas Zennstrom’s love-call. The press release isn’t on either site yet, but the alliance focuses on “co-marketing of new optimized Motorola ‘Skype Ready’ companion products, such as Bluetooth headsets, dongles, and speakerphones, as well as delivery of the Skype Internet Telephony experience on select Motorola mobile devices.” EuroTelcoblog

James also writes that he’s just revised his timetable, in his view anything you thought was going to happen (just got faster) — longer than 12 months and says “find it increasingly difficult to putting money into this sector”. The MCI deal like AT&T for just a few billion show just how worthless these assets are becoming.

Meanwhile I’m looking forward to the Skype upgrade that allows me to use my Motorola BT headset’s answer button with Skype. Then manufacturers just found another way to boost interest and demand for bluetooth headsets.

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