The Push n Pull of ITConversations

December 12, 2005

in Accelerating Innovation

I’ve taken to listening to ITConversations on all my plane flights. In the tight confines of economy I fine its just the business for hearing how others are thinking about the world. It’s also nice to tune into a conference or disucssion.

I’d listened to John Seely Brown at Supernova. He got a lot of attention for his presentation at the time. It’s also made it out as a Supernova2005 podcast via IT Conversations. So I found myself listening to it again. It was appropriate and timely as I was just about to step into another innovation workshop. The theme is Outsourcing and the future of how companies collaborate. It’s all consistent with Web 2.0 etc.

I’m not going to review it here. I’ll just say it gels with my thoughts on consumer power and the radical revolution that we are on the cusp of. Give it a few more years and we will be there.

Here’s the link to the Podcast. Download
Here’s the link to the article and white paper.

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