Mobile IM on the Nokia N90

December 22, 2005

in general

The first application I downloaded for onto the N90 was Agile Messenger. . While the N90 isn’t mentioned on the site I figured the Symbian 60 version that was compatible with my old Nokia 3650 would probably work. Indeed it does.

If you have a phone with Internet access then this is the Trillian for cellphones. In the latest edition they have added GoogleTalk. Thus I now have presence information for all major IM clients other than Skype.

The N90 has some form of IM chat management. However the guide only says talk to your mobile provider. Thus this built in feature is currently useless to me.

I’ve also added the Opera Mobile browser. I’ve had it for a few years on my Nokia 3650 and it works great. With the t-mobile internet package it is just like browsing on the PC. Note… Gmail has also just launched a mobile version.

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