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February 5, 2006

in general

I’ve been playing around with WordPress considering whether I’ll use to update my personal blog. I”ve run plenty of experiments in the last week on moblogging and with both photos and video from camera phones. I’m keen to integrate them into my daily blog experience. what I want doesn’t seem to exist. For example I can’t one click video ast. At least not yet I hear a whisper that I soon will be able to. I’ve installed Shozu on the N90 and N70. That enables one-click photo saving to Flickr, which I’ve finally just decided to adopt and use it. So instant “Pro” member there. At the same time I’m using audioblog for audio and video feeds. That’s been very useful recently.

So I was very impressed with this WordPress Plug-in that enables you to drag and drop pictures from your Flickr account directly into your post. As a long-time MT user the choice is difficult. WordPress is looking rather sweet. Still I’ve spent quite a few hours on it today. Test Blog. If standard templates were enough life would be easy. WordPress does have some downsides. A comparison between the two is not a quick bullet list.


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