SMS and My Wallet – Hit Again

February 10, 2006

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I usually talk up T-Mobile for I’ve been happy enough with the service I get. Still I’m really annoyed with my recent bill and notification.

“On March 1, 2006, the charge to send individual text and instant messages (SMS) to a US wireless number from the US will increase from 5cents to 10cents per message. …… “

What they meant to say is…. Sorry Dad, you text message bill for your kids just doubled! We like gouging you. The other guys do it too.

You cannot block SMS messages, you can’t opt out. Even if my kids never send another SMS my text message bill will be higher next month than it is this month. It is just gouging me as a customer. SMS wasn’t even a planned service. The mobile operators just discovered how to use it.

I spoke to T-Mobile customer care. Asked them to block SMS on some of my phones.They can’t do it. They will sell me a plan… but the minimum is $4.99 per line for 400 messages. So I need at least two of those packages to cover the text messaging fiasco. Unfortunately they won’t provide bundle to cover my family plan and all the phones. My kids are basically banned from using it. I tell them make a one minute call we have the minutes. So these extra lines are hardly just $10/line. When T-Mobile adds to your bill with text message charges from those you can’t even control it is simply wrong. I don’t think it is like this in other parts of the world.

Killing the kids mobiles is not an option. If anyone wonders why we put services like this in the “hate them” category it is heavy handed actions like this. I truly hope the new “Conversations” world evolves to be a nicer place than this.

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Ed Kohler May 26, 2006 at 11:01 am

Wow, that’s steep. I wouldn’t want to think about dimes dropping out of my pocket every time I heard my phone ding. Things like this make it pretty easy to understand why the USA is so far behind other areas of the world when it comes to SMS adoption.

By the way, this comment (minus this paragraph) was blocked by your blog when I tried posting it without first logging into Typepad. It claimed the content was objectionable. Hmmm.

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