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September 19, 2006

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The value of blogging can really jump out at you when you’ve left it for awhile. I just left a comment on Rob’s blog. Commenting stimulated me to a little personal insight in the closing statement. “Nothing I’m doing today or have done for the last four years would have been possible without my blog.” Now that’s worth mentioning.

For many bloggers I know this is true. My number one example is Dina who’s “Conversations with Dina” is a thoughtful fantastic and inspiring blog. She’s also used it to take real action. It has created a world of opportunity for her. It’s also resulted in us doing a number of projects together. I’m also bummed with all my time in India that I missed out on the recent BlogCamp India. The one week I was back Stateside in September. Still I understand the organizers are going to run some more. I hope I’ll be at the next one.

A reminder to me today. When I first got into blogging I spent my time going to blogs rather than streaming them in via a newsreader. In those days I still had Radio Userland and its inbuilt aggregator. Still there was something about building a blogroll; seems almost antiqated today. And yet I can see it is the perfect strategy for getting back into blogging.

Visiting a page is much more personal than quickly adding it to a newreader. In the comment I wrote today “Blogging for me is a social and conversational media. I’d gotten away from it. For awhile blogging controlled me. Now I hope to simply enjoy blogging again.”. I also discovered someone new. That remains an important part of blogging. Let’s not forget it.

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