Getting to India – Plane Trips From Hell

September 19, 2006

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I’ve become an exceptionally well seasoned traveller this year. Having logged more than 200K miles already I’ve had my share of exciting flights. One plane dropped out of the Sky landing in less than 15 minutes when someone had a heart attack at the back of the cabin. We were on the ground 30 minutes and I still made my connecting flight; although my bags didn’t. I’ve watched bags go missing and then turn up. I’ve run between gates so many times I can’t count them anymore. Still for the most part they have gone smoothly.

Today, I just can’t seem to get out of Detroit. I left SFO yesterday morning bound for Minneapolis, Amsterdam and Delhi. I made Minneapolis and then somewhere over Labrador the plane turned back to Detroit. Oil pressure loss on the DC-10 tail engine. After holding us on board for two hours they deplaned us and sent us to hotels at 2:00am. This morning I found myself booked via Amsterdam, Mumbai and then on to Delhi. Was supposed to get there about lunchtime on Thursday. That was crazy.. so I worked on routing and hope still be be on my way to arrive in Delhi by Wednesday evening. All seemed well and good.

Just boarded and deplaned from my Northwest flight that was supposed to put me into Newark. They claim weather delays… Now 2:45pm. That should still make my connection. However it is getting tighter! Nothing one can do.

While bleating about airlines I should scream about seats. Many meet me for the first time and learn I’m almost 6’6″. So flying economy everywhere sometimes results in abject agony. I have all the elite details and yet nothing in the airline systems appears to allow the airlines to verify an individual’s height. More often than not i know how to get the emergency exit or bulkhead. I’m pretty successful at it. Still last night wasn’t my lucky night. I was stuck in the middle etc etc. It was very uncomfortable.

Which leads me to a news item I saw recently that reported that the Dutch are now the tallest on earth. In Holland they have just changed the building code to mandate higher doorways. Maybe I should move back there! Still the airlines, like many car manufacturers and even those that make jeans still haven’t worked it out. There’s a growing number of very tall people out there.

Well… off to stretch my legs! Hope the next communication is from Delhi!

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Robert Paterson September 19, 2006 at 4:53 pm

Safe trip Stuart – I pray for three empty seats

Dina Mehta September 19, 2006 at 8:43 pm

What a nightmare Stuart … safe journey back to Delhi. At 5’2″ I’ve been lucky on many longhaul flights where I’ve been able to stretch across three seats and really sleep. Hoping some of this luck rubs off on you!

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