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September 28, 2006

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Fring, a new mobile app looks interesting. I want to try it out on my N80 with Wi-Fi and so do many others in the Fring forums. Come on Fring make it available for the N80 and N91. I’d say "fringing fantastic!". Lots of claims on the Fring about page including Skype and GoogleTalk compatibility.

"fring is a 3G mobile application that allows you to make free mobile calls, send instant messages to other fring users, and communicate with PC based VoIP applications such as Skype and Google Talk." Fring

Andy points me to a new Ken Camp. Alonge with VoiPNow they talk Fring. The Red Ferret really has the low down. Unfortunately, I can’t test it till I get home and change handsets. It will work on Nokia N70’s and similar. The challenge for Fring is there just aren’t enough handsets out there yet. For my two cents. Go after Nokia N80 and N91 users.

The Wi-Fi enablement in these handsets makes the 3G connection irrelevant. My guess is a flat rate GPRS in that mode is all you need. The people already buying the N80 and N91 are ready to push them to the limit. It will spread. At the moment these handsets lack applications that really use their WiFi strength. Example Shozu2.0 preview. It’s is set up to synch when I’m on Wi-Fi hotspots; like work and home. I don’t burn a data plan when traveling outside the US and I still get my Rocketboom on my mobile.. It could become much cooler.

Still someone is going to ask. Will the operators block it?

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