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October 5, 2006

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Here I am in India with 50+ cable channels to watch and just like home there’s nothing much worth seeing. With no "fast broadband" connection at home I can forget Slingbox for now. So how do I cope? Simple. I bring the small amount of TV with me.

At home the Tivo records the programs I want to watch. Tivo then passes them over to my home PC via TivoToGo (extra cost software) and they are all converted into Quicktime movies. Before leaving home I simply burn one or two DVD’s with last month’s content. Simple. I can watch it via iTunes or even on my Nokia N80.

The latter really intrigued me. How would I find TV watching on the small screen of a mobile phone. After all it is even smaller than the Video iPod. Actually, it’s very impressive. It’s not big screen big, however the clarity and general watch-ability are just fine. I have a one GB memory card in the N80. Thus it will take a three hour movie or 3 hourly installments of House and still leave room for photography. It’s really more fiction than pleasure, however with a few changes I’d get a real kick out of what I could do. Still I know I am not alone. The first thing my son did with the N91 was upload Family Guy segments (I’ll blog his initial thoughts separately). Videos were more use to him (more impressive and entertaining) than filling it with music.

So where is YouTube  for my Nokia with best of the day, perhaps the latest IT conversations. In this way the N80 really has something over the iPod Video. I don’t synch my iPod daily. Too much hassle. I synch it before trips generally to get a selective list of Podcast updates. I then listen on the plane.

By contrast the N80 with Wi-Fi can capture this without access or docking with a computer. When I can get a 4GB card for it I’ll add it. When would I look? Standing in lines, waiting for lunch, going home in the back of the car? So I’m convinced. I want an iPodder for it and I want it to auto schedule downloads over Wi-Fi.

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Edwin Wilters November 15, 2006 at 12:51 am

How can I watch tv on my Nokia N80

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