POTUS – George – No Strategy for WMD

October 11, 2006

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I’m listening to CNN in to a live broadcast of George Bush in a Press Conference at the White House. I don’t normally blog politics. I had something completely different in mind to blog tonight. However, I’m sitting in India, it’s 9:20pm and this man is completely incoherent. He repeats himself and doesn’t answer the questions. There is 1) a complete idiot in control of the asylum in Washington, and 2) why his handlers let him loose is beyond my comprehension. The language used can’t possibly be understood by non-english speakers. He’s got a FOG index that ranks with lost. It’s all over the place. Sad this POTUS.

I think I missed the first 20 or thirty minutes; maybe the good soundbites were in that. Still, I was simply horrified a minute ago with his comments on North Korea, and the poor way he put the case for a diplomatic solution. Seeing I can’t understand him, how can any foreign nation. No wonder America is so alone in the world. The conversation rambles and then turns back with another reporter asking Korea questions again. POTUS says he is not willing to live with a nuclear North Korea. Then says we must try diplomatic solutions first. “The goal is no nuclear weapons.” “Diplomacy is a difficult process… because not eveyones interests are the same…” My read. There’s no US teeth on or for North Korea. The US will do nothing unless North Korea mobilizes towards South Korea. It’s the same thing for Iran. Iran will now accelerate their test program. Bush has made the world more unsettled and destabilized another quarter. If Iran sets it off before the election then lets hope American’s know where to place the blame.

Now we are talking about fencing. Actually border control and the new fence with Mexico. Finally a topic he understands… and is relaxed about. Must be the rancher in him. Too bad it is also stupid. Somehow he ties it back to security. It’s a whole different issue all together. Still the shame is this is the first topic he seems to be comfortable with. Just reinforces that he doesn’t have a clue about the world or the problems overseas. Seems they are all handled by General Casey. Now I get to hear what CNN says. I may as well forget that. I’ll wait and see what the BBC reports. CNN will somehow cut his soundbites so for those that missed it he may sound more normal.

I was going to hold off making statement about how I will vote come November, although I made my mind up months ago. Just so my readers know I’m a registered independent. I’ve tried to vote for individuals and policies that I thought would do the job best. No one party represents me well (or at all?). Well, my absentee ballot will be processed this year. I guarantee I will vote every single bill with a “democratic” tick. Anything that so much as hints as a Republican POV I will vote against, even if against my principles or what I’d really like to have happen. It’s simply a vote to change the balance of power. In a corrupt two party system do I have any other choice?

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