FireFox & ClearType

November 2, 2006

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I downloaded IE7 loaded a page and had an immediate “whoa” moment. I compared IE7 to Firefox and in IE7 the text all rendered in a far superior fashion. I couldn’t believe it. The visual impact was as obvious to me as the first call made on Skype with it’s added clarity. For about 30 minutes they had me.

Then I asked a couple of questions. There’s plenty of comparison pictures on the web already. The difference was “ClearType” and it turns out that I’ve not had it enabled on my laptop. It’s easy to turn on via your desktop property setting for appearance / advanced. So “whew” I don’t have to abondon my Firefox which is better than ever with 2.0. Gizmodo provides the review below. It’s balanced and Firefox with all the new bookmark extentions, permancing etc. will keep my loyalty.

Frankenfight: IE7 Vs. Firefox 2 – Gizmodo

In one corner we have Internet Explorer 7. After 18 months of development and a shiny new set of tabs, he’s in top shape and looking better than his predecessor ever did. That is, before he entered the ring with Firefox 2.0. Now he’s just a cripple with fancy RSS reading.

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