Orkut and GTalk Married Up

November 4, 2006

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No surprises for me here. I’ve  been an advocate of merging SNS with real-time voice communications. We’re finally at that stage with Google apparently ready to blend Orkut with GTalk. Orkut’s on fire in India, and Brazil… thought at one time they owned it. Other pointer? Well just see the Match / Jangl announcement for MatchTalk also in Forbes below. It is still very early days. These new marriages will create some new problems — we will want solutions for.

Orkut members will be able to text message and voice chat with other members of the community if they choose to communicate in that way. Google believes the new functions might add a sense of immediacy to member interaction on the social networking site. A Google spokeswoman says some of the functionality of the Orkut site will be built into the free standing GTalk client. Orkut “friends” (and their “presence” status and information) will show up on GTalk users’ buddy lists. Light Reading

The system protects privacy by assigning the couple a unique number that they can use to talk to each other without fear of giving away their real telephone number or other personal details. People with caller ID will see the matchTalk number instead of their actual listing. Forbes.com

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