Wikipedia and the Qutub Minar

November 5, 2006

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Sometimes I forget that information is at my fingertips. Yesterday we were at Qutub Minar a world heritage site in Delhi India. It’s the largest all brick minaret in the world. Construction started in 1193 and was finished in 1368. Thus like the cathedrals in Europe it was clearly a multi-generational project. It’s impressive and worth an hour + to visit if you are here.

I’ve been driving by Qutub Minar on many travels in and out of Delhi so it was already familiar. Like many sites I read up on them quickly in the Lonely Planet India Guide. I should have just pulled out my phone and dialed up Wikipedia on the data connection while there. It’s much more comprehensive!

Here’s a shot and there are many more in the India collection on Flickr tagged Qutub Minar. The weather in Delhi is generally “smokey” which is polluted at the moment. Yesterday afternoon it seemed to clear up a little.


Not bad for a cameraphone!

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