Mobility and Talk

November 7, 2006

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Peter Coffee writes about his latest observations on mobility, voice and accessing the web. A few statistic find there way in. One observation I’d make about the “college” kid responses. I doubt many of them in America actually buy their phones. Plus the carrier discounts (as noted) really screw around with perceptions of value. I’m not sure I agree with his conclusion that “people would rather talk than type”. I believe that is dependent on the relationship, what you are doing at that moment etc.  It’s why the next generation of mobile apps will help you manage your accessibility and become even more important when call costs go to zero. I found it worth the read.

Anderson’s study finds the next generation of workplace communicators predisposed to talk from anywhere at any time: Only two of the sample of 187 surveyed students did not have a cell phone. A third of the respondents consider their cell phone to be a reflection of their personality, making a statement about their technical savvy, their sense of style and their practicality.

When apparent preference for voice is combined with the rapidly falling cost and improving quality of wireless access to Web resources, we’re looking at a rich and (we may hope) effective environment for sharing facts, assigning responsibilities, and building both professional and social relationships.   
e-Week Don’t Typecast Talk Tools

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