Jaiku and Presence Streams

December 16, 2006

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I’m playing around with Jaiku, another mobile app that like Twitter is trying to address “context” rather than presence with simple updates. Unfortunately, I can’t test the full power of the application as they haven’t yet released a download for the N80 (which is much more restrictive than earlier Nokias).

On first glance it is similar to Twitter, although Twitter only aims to provide contextual updates (via SMS). Twitter is also much more advanced as a SNS at the moment. By contrast Jaiku aims to provide a contextual update service and display current status for buddies. For those that can download the app to their Nokia’s it also provides provides a directory listing. I can’t comment on how well this is integrated with SMS etc. However it clearly illustrates the way these apps are moving forward. We will see more apps like this emerge.

Jaiku also enables you to adds blogs and flickr to your presence stream updates. The functionality is right on target. It lacks sophisticated privacy controls and is reliant of GPRS for real participation.  

Naturally you can share you context changes on your blog or Myspace pages.

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Petteri Koponen December 17, 2006 at 3:11 am

Stuart, thanks for blogging about Jaiku!

I would be very intetested in hearing your views on “sophisticated pricacy controls”. At the moment, Jaiku presence streams are either public or private and comments inherit the visibility from the stream, but we feel there could be better ways of doing this without making configuration of the service overly complex.

Especially, would you be more interested in sharing rich presence (ie your physical and online activities) by default with a) a small group / groups of family & friends or b) the general public?

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