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December 16, 2006

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I’ve just been reading Ethan’s blog and his reference to GlobalVoices translation. IMHO there is only one way to do translation when there are no resources. Rather than some selective services at the moment turn the problem over to the readers.

Offer translation opportunities to readers. There should be a button next to every post that enables any reader to offer up a translation. This translation would not be immediately verified. It would need to be vetted by others and voted on as correct. A link to the translator should be provided. It’s a perfect demonstration to their services and capability. If a translator translates many posts then their credibility should create a rating and capability. As posts become translated the “flags” should just be added to the posts.

I’d also add that schools and colleges can provide a wonderful opportunity for content translation.

MediaWiki and Wikipedia have already shown the possibility that are open here.

Like contributors “GVTranslators” should get high level recognition. For many translation is their business. Translators could also become point people for news and explanations into their own countries. I learnt and have watched many initiatives and exchanges in Skype that have involved both auto chat translation and have encourage the introduction of a translator (via conference call) into the conversation.

There are clearly some issues of who’s content and whether you can
translate without permission etc. GV can solve that problem with
appropriate creative commons licenses. This is a fair point.

I’d like to see all GV posts on the home page in the language they were written. That it is the default. Then  offer me an English view.. but also tell me how much I am missing out on, or how many French, Hindi etc. readers are missing out.

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