Has Nokia Crushed Skype’s Mobile Ambitions?

February 1, 2007

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Time to pose a fun theory tonight (when I finally seem to have a blogging mood back) and ask if Nokia has had a subtle hand in crushing Skype’s mobile ambitions?

For a few months now my Wi-Fi mobility with the N80 has taken a step into VoIP land. Even  before Fring I was beginning to ask myself… Why is it that Skype is not on Symbian?  There were demos almost a year ago. Fring clearly proves that it’s possible and works. So what’s the deal?

Now put yourself in Nokia’s shoes.
They are launching the most advanced Wi-Fi phones on the planet. The N-Series. In fact even Om says just yesterday or the day before that they have overshot the mark. I think not but that’s another post.

Nokia wants these phones to have real impact in the business market. SIP is business. They also know it is going to take some of these global travellers just like me to say… whoa… this hotspot / WiFi thing is better than Skype. No more headset, back to a handset. It feels good. Voice quality ok.. almost as good. Still as we fall back to phones and handsets because the cost now lets us, it feels good and natural. Note I’ve made about 3 SkypeOut calls in the six weeks. I’ve made many many calls by comparison on Truphone and GizmoVoip.

SIP to Win Mobile:
Oh… what did I say. I’ve made many calls on SIP. Ouch! It works! Ouch! It never worked as well as Skype on my desktop and I have so many buddies now on Skype… you can’t convert me. Still boy oh boy I have SIP now all over my mobile. As of tonight it is full time active with GSM via Hutch, GizmoVoip and Truphone and Fring which means Skype and Gtalk. Gosh… the only buddies I may be missing are long lost on Yahoo or MSN. Doesn’t really matter.

Open vs Closed:
Isn’t SIP open? Isn’t Skype closed? Aren’t SIP to SIP calls generally free. It is in the SIPphone world. What do mobile users really want to do? Talk! What matters little to Nokia? The cost per minute. So… guess the users will chose. Who provides the best or cheapest SIP plan. Oh doesn’t that create choice and competition. Plus isn’t Symbian open (although the Nokia call manager is pretty structured – please open it up Nokia!)

SIP not Skype:
So you keep egging Skype along, as they are the gorilla in the park.. you feed them stuff that says don’t need to be too early on this one and continue not only testing but launch with GizmoVoIP. Probaby help out the Frings and Truphones etc. Why. Nokia benefits from an open platform and communication market. Launching their Wi-Fi phones too soon with Skype would destroy that potential.

Maybe Skype knows and has buried their plans and gone back to aping the PSTN. Not sure. Still in Nokia shoes I’d keep it tough for Skype now as long as I can.  Every new purchaser of a Wi-Fi phone will soon know the benefits and think SIP or just VoIP.


Did anyone say that VoIP on the mobile wouldn’t be disruptive? You have got to be kidding. Accounts are as simple as a new chat account and the best services just let you use your gmail account. It’s validated. Once you add your mobile and they send you the SMS so’s your mobile number.

All of this is creating a new mobile operating environment. It will be as convoluted as the desktop with as many different services. Still SIP and Jabber eliminate many of those problems. So is Nokia big enough and the Mobile market fast enough to shift the whole VoIP world off Skype?

Okay have probably said the obvious now over and over. Nokia break out the Sippagne and i suggest putting free hotspots in every store you have in India in the next six months. Readers! They have a lot of stores in India and probably sold 5 million phones here last month. Do this throughout Asia and do it quick.

What Next?

Then what…. Nokia buys Gizmo and SIPphone and launchs Nokia Stores in the US and becomes their own MVNO. I change my phone to packet centric from Cellular. Prepaid minute plans here we come.

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Vinod Ponmanadiyil February 5, 2007 at 6:15 am

Interesting theory!

mye61 March 27, 2007 at 2:40 am

No crazy thinking at all – I guess that is exactly what they are aiming at. Although … will the world accept a 2nd Microsoft but then on communication?

Type April 4, 2007 at 2:19 am

I like Nokia Nseries. It’s multi-function and good looking.

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