Microsoft Vista & Office 2007 – It’s a Lemon!

May 9, 2007

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I was going to just title this post Vista Sucks. After I wrote it I Googled the term. YouTube videos exist with the same tag too. and Douglas Rushkoff who I’ve heard rant at Poptech says much what I say below. Plus the BBC reports that Dell now will ship PC’s again with Windows XP! Not sure for how long.

When I bought my Lenovo T60p a few months ago I was excited it was all optioned up on the hardware had Vista Business and while it shipped with Office 2003 they promised me an upgrade. My first new laptop in four years. The last was a very trusty Thinkpad T40. Now I’ve had no end of problems with Vista. It won’t connect or print to my home network for example. In fact the printer drivers (few years old Lexmark aren’t even available). It took until April for Nokia to launch a more compatible PCSuite. I’m not sure how many other programs I had to give up on. Quite a few. I ask myself for what? Vista is more complex and even less intuitive than XP. I still can’t believe that Ctrl Alt Del doesn’t work in Vista. I have no idea how to stop a program once it is locked. Net Net there is not one thing I can say positively about having a Vista operating system at this point. Recommend it to my mother? No way. Buy it for my kids? No way. Send it to the dumpster or Install XP over it… I’m considering it.

Did I mention that there are about 3 levels of do you want to do this for every new program? Would you like to continue, etc.? So yesterday I had two problems. On my Microsoft NX 6000 Lifecam (about $100) doesn’t work and keeps going blank or black. It often freezes etc. Basically it doesn’t work with Skype or any other IM client on Vista. Works perfectly on XP. To get it to restart I must reboot. So… I tried to uninstall it yesterday. That took a couple of reboots and so much PC thinking time you would think Microsoft was procrastinating. I finally got it off. I then stupidly thought I’d upgrade my Office 2003 to 2007 as the disks had arrived.

You would think Office 2007 should install first time on a Vista PC. Well It failed and I had to do two repairs so Outlook or Word would even open. I can report today that it is still crashing. Word won’t open files when I click on My Documents. When I open Word I can open a document from it but I cannot edit the document. This is a document that was created on the same machine on 2003 just a day ago with no special privileges. Anyways I don’t get it. Right now it feels broken. Plus there is no fun in all the new menus. I can see what they have tried to do. However, it is just complexity. For the most part they are features and options I will never use and don’t want to. It really does seem to be the ultimate form of bloatware.

Oh the Lifecam. I reinstalled it. Same problem. These products are Microsoft’s. There simply is no excuse. They were supposed to be designed to work together. I know I am basically a super expert user. These programs are making me look and feel stupid. Exactly the opposite of what a good design and company should do and provide.

If I had one wish today it would be for a MAC. After years of putting up with Windows and knowing I’d have lots to learn to use a Mac and extra software costs I always put it off. Now I know Vista doesn’t make my life better and Office — I really would rather use a wiki or blog. The days for office are numbered. When I couldn’t copy today from PPT to Word I sent the document to Google and opened it there. Then it would copy fine. Maybe I should just do all my work that way. So PC makers beware. You are relying on a company who’s latest releases are dogs and I really doubt they can be fixed.

Sometimes a blog is a good place to say something really sucks or just vent. I wrote this because I’m just really disappointed. If my new PC was a car I’d apply the “lemon” law. Maybe the lawyers will get that out for PC’s and suckers that got sold Vista.

Because the world has been Windows it was a sensible choice. Now it no longer matters. If you have MS stock I’d suggest you sell it. There is not one more PC in my household (four) I will upgrade to Vista or Office 2007. I too will start setting up ubuntu and playing with other options.

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Yuri June 6, 2007 at 11:07 am

Sure, Vista is more complicated then its predecessors – the price you pay for added security and reach end-user experience. But when you get to know the system well it is getting very easy to install all what you need and adjust (configure) all the devices to make it work properly. I got Dell Inspiron 1405 with approximately. Same configuration and after a week of trials it works well

Stuart June 7, 2007 at 7:33 pm

Yuri, I’m glad you are pleased with Vista and your new PC. I remain firm in my belief and approach. It is only days before I pick up my MAC. That fixes the security in one stroke without the pain. Thanks for dropping by! Cheers Stuart

Simon June 8, 2007 at 11:41 am

Yuri, upgrading MS software has caused problems since Win’95, the only way to go is with a clean install. I am running Office 2007 with XP Pro and it is fine, fast and reliable. I have just installed Vista Ultimate with Office 2007 and it also seems fine. The XP system is an Athlon64 3200 with 1GB and the new system is a P4 3GHz, also with 1GB. The clean install is the difference, never ever upgrade and existing MS product!

Matt July 12, 2007 at 10:12 am

Vista sucks period. I can’t wait for the next 18 months of updates and service packs just to get it to the point where XP is for me now.

Krishvanth August 3, 2007 at 3:06 am

Vista is T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E.

The darn thing cant even install Office 2007 which was supposed to be built SPCEIALLY for Vista, from what I’ve heard.

Those guys are totally mad I tell you..!!

Unfortunately, going for MAC or Ubuntu right now is not an option for me 🙁

sprague August 25, 2007 at 7:32 am

Don’t get me started on Vista problems — I can give you an earful too. But I’ve been a Mac owner since 1984 and can tell you that Macs aren’t perfect either.

Your experience puzzles me, though. I just got a Lenovo X60 a few weeks ago and have had problems with some drivers. Meanwhile my new Dell Inspiron works just fine. Have you contacted Lenovo?

ange September 8, 2007 at 6:22 pm

Vista just spells out the end for MS Windows in corporate world. Out here in the Mideast, one is bound to see flashy press releases and glitzy splashes about corps upgrading to vista, oh it’s just all show 😛 Worst-case scenario is the same firms switching back to XP, some experimenting with Macs and more LAMP converts 😉 which is all towards a good cause 🙂

Most of the SI’s and key critical installations don’t bother themselves with vista, its a downright pain when it comes to EAI across various domains and especially while interfacing with a cross of ERP solutions.

Vista sucks. Period 😛

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