DUMPED! Vista & Office 2007 – Back to the Future

May 28, 2007

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I just dumped Vista and Office2007 and I couldn’t be happier. I have abandoned a new Thinkpad in favor of my previous now 3.75 year old Thinkpad. As I stated a few weeks ago my next laptop will be a MAC. This was the last straw for me.

I was excited when I first got Vista and still curious when I installed the Office 2003 upgrade to 2007 just over a month ago. However, Office 2007 just made things worse. I cannot copy from an old word document into a new one. The mouse doesn’t scroll correctly and I can’t place it in the document. I can only use the arrow keys to move up and down etc. Basically something didn’t work on the install. Repair didn’t fix it.I figured a system restore would be dangerous… although I may try it now that I am off that PC. (Some thing like my Outlook.pst file doesn’t work in the earlier version. You are not supposed to want to go back.) Thus 3 months old, the Vista PC needs a complete disk format to make it work correctly. It simply isn’t worth the effort.

What I’ve learned.
Vista Sucks. I commented on complexity before. Similarly lack of drivers etc. I never got it to network etc. My judgement. Vista is as far as “Windows” can go. So I’m getting out and will learn a new operating system OSX before drowning under the overly controlling Vista.

Office2007 Sucks:
My view of Office2007 is just more complexity. Simply too much to learn. It may be more efficient after weeks and I’ll probably have to learn it on the MAC in a different format in time. What I know was I ended up hunting for everything. From the first moment I installed it I asked myself why. There is not one compelling piece of information that I got with it or the initial install that suggested it would help me write better or present better. I think I’ll wait and see if Microsoft brings out a Office2007Classic.

It really bothers me that for a generally early adopter and reasonable (although not super power) user who can merge documents and mailing lists and more, it’s appeared to buy me nothing. That I want a “classic” version bothers me even more. Microsoft has blundered not just once – but twice in a year with me. If I was Steve Jobs I’d up the dollars on the current marketing campaign.

I generally like going forward with software. I’m ready to test out almost anything. I figure I’m losing nothing; and certainly not my edge in the competitive business environment by passing right now on 2007. Better my time is spent on Wikis, blogs, social media and other collaboration tools etc.

I am not alone. Channel Web reports that Vista Performance Sucks.. I particularly liked this comment with the article.
I’ve got to agree that the performance is a huge disappointment.
Upgraded several of our laptops and a desktop to Vista Ultimate, and
between Office 2007 learning curve and incompatibilites with Vista, it
is enough to want to go backwards.

How does Office2007 fare?
Well Chris Pirillo said it would suck and gave 65 reasons just one year ago. Although he is not alone. This comment by HansonJB could have been my own.

Word 2007 does NOT allow my own customizable toolbars–that is a
devestating deal ender. It requires a NEW format for documents that is
MUCH slower. What in Word 2007 is going to make things more productive
or easier? Without the menu bar, I have repeatedly had to go hunting. No thanks.

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