iPhone Ads – June 29

June 4, 2007

in Mobility

Given yesterdays comments on the N95 vs iPhone I can only say watch the ads via the link below! I won’t go and camp out at the Apple store on June 29th although many will. I will go to an Apple store and play with the iphone. That is the single biggest threat Moto, Samsung, Nokia have in this country. I’d never dream of going to an AT&T store, T-Mobile or Verizon store to play with the future of mobile phones.

Apple – iPhone – TV Ads

BTW in a country like India – Nokia has plenty of their own stores and they increasingly mimic some Apple store elements. There I expect to find the latest in mobile technology.

Despite the obvious iphone appeal I’m still not certain that it’s enough. I’d also like to know if the frame rate was speeded up in these ads. The vertical to horizontal screen change appears very quick. I’ve learnt to do it on the N95 with the slider still the Apple solution is definitely more elegant in this regard.

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Andrew June 6, 2007 at 1:23 pm

I have it on good source, that it does exactly what you see as well as you expect it to, and ‘more’. What -more- is, still a guess, but I am thinking GPS.

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