Changing Forces in Advertising – Supernova 2007

June 20, 2007

in Brand Futures

My question from this session came about when they were discussing how to allocate media between traditional media and online. I just wondered where the discussion was on prototyping media content. As media today is all social and it is easy to upload content in all sorts of places… why not just upload your content onto YouTube etc. (Some companies are beginning to do this). This can be a very effective way of testing your message. More hand drawn storyboards may indeed be coming.

The perception here is that marketers cannot measure the world the same way anymore. Ted Shelton from Technorati make this point strongly. Basically with continuous partial attention the marketer has to rethink their relationship with the audience. I also liked Deb Shultz’s probing question which came later about getting to the long tail. Is it possible to get to one buyer for one item.

Evan Williams (paraphrased) ” Twitter. “a social real-time connection type of thing” Is Twitter an advertising medium? How can we use Twitter? How can we make money? We will experiment with Twitter on an opt-in method. Because it is opt in, it has to be of value to users. We think it is a unique kind of communication vehicle. Already Dell and others are using it for announcements and building relationships or keeping people in the loop.”

Some interesting ideas floated on getting more interest from ad opportunities. Eg Tivo or Facebook poll like. Clearly, “attention” still has a value.

  • Do you get a thumbs up or thumbs down with every ad opportunity?
  • What are you interested or disinterested in?
  • Can you use social media more cost effectively to attract attention? Does social media have an annuity for attention?.. if they stay it costs a lot less.. because bringing the new person costs less and less…. creating value… and concurrently reducing the cost of getting them in the first place
    Can i get them to come to me… or must i go to them????
  • If you create a walled garden… how many are already talking? What does technorati tell you?…
  • What if rather than spending money you left comments on a blog? Jeff Jarvis and DELL who now advertises on his blog. What if Dell said leave comments on the blog to engage in the conversation? Could it cost less than the advertising they are running? Is it more effective for Dell?
  • Will companies pay individuals to be on their hotlist?
  • Should there be millions of dollars in micro sponsorships? Is this nefarious or could it be legitimate?
    How should companies value and create “social” skills?

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Jeff Jarvis June 21, 2007 at 6:31 am

Unless one comes through via Google Adsense, Dell does not advertise on my blog, just to be clear.

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