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June 20, 2007

in Brand Futures

My sound-byte for session one: Companies that accelerate learning…. build relationships. The examples exist more around software although Amazon is a classic case of using what others bought and buyer reviews. It means I learn more at Amazon than I can at a bookstore or without a librarian. Similarly, whether iLike today or Napster when it first launched, I learn more by looking at others’ music lists with similar interests than I would by perusing a music store.

What sparked me to write this? I’m at Supernova2007 put on by Kevin Werbach. Missed the last couple of Supernova’s and the pre-event crowd has grown considerably. The first session I’m in is being facilitated by three all-time favorites of mine – Doc Searls, David Weinberger and Jerry Michalski. Naturally, it opens with “Markets are Conversations and evolves into how individuals are now trying to form relationships with companies.


Doc puts the point (paraphrased) – Marketers have tried to take up the markets as conversations. It is hard for marketers to be in the conversation. They are somewhat compromised as they have conflicts as they see outcomes in the conversation. So it is hard to get the marketers onboard… At Sun they are now incorporating Technorati results into the product pages. Marketers are trying to figure out how to enter the conversation. Their default it to want to bring the conversation in.. inside… but it is going on outside. So when Sun begins aggregating the conversations it is a very different action. Separately Doc comments on “owing customers” is the same thing as slavery. Doc also talks about ProjectVRM.

David also recently in HBR. Idea is that the second most important asset is your information (1 – people). So have been teaching cos to treat info like an asset. Turns out in lots of industries it become more valuable when you let some go mashed up with others. Everytime you mashup it gets more and more value. Often it is great for the company. (I agree but very hard to get old school companies to do this.)

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