Yahoo 100 Days and….?

July 18, 2007

in Strategic Foresight

100 Day plans always worry me. It’s like a signal that McKinsey or BCG is coming in. Then they will magically have the answer in one hundred days. What ails Yahoo is simple. Their Ad model is obsolete. So in one hundred days can Yahoo figure out how to put the ad model into the hands of you and me. Solve that and open up on Identity and you have a revolution. Do it right and it changes the rules for Google. Take it further and we can have some control over what is searched and on the expiry of data.

Still no cure for what ails Yahoo | CNET

On a conference call with analysts after the earnings report, Chief Executive Jerry Yang said he would “spend the next 100 days or so mapping out a strategic plan” and conduct a “top to bottom review of our business.” “I have a great sense of urgency to move fast and in a focused way,” Yang said. He promised there would be “no sacred cows” and talked about three key topics: insight, openness and partnering. Specifically, the company will de-emphasize underperforming products and “set a new bar for the Yahoo culture” by “prioritizing teamwork, leadership and a desire to win.”

Now it is Day Two. I hope he has at least 5 radical items on his list. Looking down the cellar stairs is just one black hole.

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