Blog 2.0 — More Conversation Required

July 19, 2007

in general

Blog2.0 is a meme I’ve been thinking about as I’ve been playing with MT4.0Beta templates all day. So what do I see but Stowe thinking about //Message2.0 and Dave Winer voicing similar in Twits. So I twit too…



thinking about where and how I would like to revamp how I blog… in
that blog2.0 type of meme. I want more facebook capabilities in my blog

And perhaps that is it. I want Facebook capabilities outside Facebook under my control. It’s why I’m looking at OpenID. I’d like anyone to be able to connect with my site and me.  I’d also like to add a security layer with an exchange of public and private keys so all these relationships have some sharing with control type capabilities. I want to bring Facebook Type widgets into my blog.  And a whole lot more. 

This is a thread we should all be developing. Facebook is closed not open. My blog represents “ME” in control. That’s what I really want. As I tell people from time to time. I still have registered “ Registered back in 99 it looks like we are getting closer and closer to a time where it can be used.

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