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July 20, 2007

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I just updated my Nokia N800 Internet Tablet with Skype. In my case it makes the tablet many times more attractive to carry around.

Nokia’s N800 Gets Skype – Skype Blogs

Namely, Nokia’s funky N800 Internet Tablet now speaks Skype. Officially, that is. (You may have noticed in late June that Skype did a pre-release demo of Skype for the N800 in New York). Andrew Brennan from Skype Gear has written a nice review that you can read here. Once you’re convinced it’s something for you, install the latest Nokia firmware version from here, as instructed by Andrew’s review. Or download Skype for the N800 here.

How does Skype work on it?
It takes awhile to load my buddylist which is a painfully long scroll. There are no groups (which I also miss on the Mac). It doesn’t seem to work with multi-chats. I find getting from one chat screen to another isn’t exactly intuitive or obvious (AH, now found the blue button – makes it easier). Yet it works as you would expect Skype to. As far as I can make out there is no video support, no SMS or file sharing. Video is particularly disappointing as it is already available on N800 to N800 GoogleTalk exchanges.

Impact. I may just start carrying around the N800 again. I have a bluetooth keyboard for it. I may also just get the navigation kit and put both in the tank bag on my motorcycle. Not sure I should ever be looking at it there. Still bluetooth headset and maybe it would all work. The N800 remains an interesting device for me. It is also still a curiosity. I’ve not found it habit forming. One of the reasons is I already have a phone that does it all and more in the N95.

In the end I’d have been much more impressed if Skype launched a Symbian app.

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