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September 24, 2007

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I’ve just returned from three weeks in India.  Two working hard and one week of vacation traveling through the southern state of Kerala; a most beautiful part of India. I have lots of observations and I took hundreds of pictures. I learnt about tea and tea plantations, and took a trip through the backwaters and canals of Kerala on a houseboat. The food is awesome and different. This is a part of the world which I love to go back to. I’d take two or three weeks next time.  It was all very offline! The pictures should be enough to convince anyone.

There are times I still lust for a "real camera" you know SLR big lens, etc. Then I’m glad I no longer lug them all around. I’d still like more camera than my current Nokia N95 provides and yet it more than meets my expectations of a good snap camera. It also integrates nicely with iPhoto and the Nokia Multimedia transfer. As a result I’ve given up on the Nokia Lifeblog and moved all my photos into iPhoto. As for my camera… it is like the Amercan Express saying. I never leave home without it.

You can find more photos here. Note it is just coming into season; Monsoon season is just finishing. There were few tourists around now. It meant grey skys for the most part and some rain. The temperature was perfect around 80 during the day.

I keep asking myself what’s more camera when in a mobile. Sometime I should try and answer that.

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