Flow! Requires Voice Messaging not Voice Mail

September 26, 2007

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Dan York writes a thoughtful piece on how we use telephony today; particularly voice. He looks at the flow and concudes that communications seldom start with a voice call anymore. I’ve written similarly on these pages before. He also notes the importance of presence. What I’d add to this piece is the question. Why do we need voice mail?

I have written extensively about the difference between voice messaging and voice mail and here in “The Future is Voice Messaging“, etc. Voice mail as Dan points out is effectively a failure case. What needs to be done? Allow me to turn off my voice mail. Allow me to redirect the caller to the communications medium that my current state and thus context are preferred by me for this caller.

When communications becomes flow then the flow must be controlled by the receiver not by the caller / sender etc. It’s no different to answering your front door. It’s time for a more effective gateway.

Disruptive Telephony: Telephony is disrupted because voice no longer matters… (as much)

The fact that voice is no longer quite as critical gives us the freedom to explore how it can be used in different ways. Plus, we need to answer the question – if voice isn’t the most critical way to communicate, what is? How do we integrate it all together? What do you think? What is your communication flow?

So, let me today turn off my voice mail on my cellphone. It’s the perfect signal for I’m not available right now – please send me an SMS… which is frankly many times more efficient at kicking off and framing the conversation. It also may only need a quick SMS back. Then let me begin to use Voice Messaging.

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