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October 8, 2007

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Andy writes about his clients many of which I read and says Clients Who Are Blogging-Makes My Heart Go Pitter Patter

Blogging has given each company a chance to tell their stories in real time, and with as much detail is needed. Some choose to write mostly about their own exploits, while others write about the space they play in. Regardless of which tact they all take the key to this is that viewpoints are getting to the public faster now than ever before, and for that reason blogging clearly is making it better for the end user because when it comes to audience and numbers in the blogosphere “its not how many, its who,” I always like to say.

I cannot think of another PR firm that can put this claim and support it with so many blogging related activities (eg the Nokia program). If your firm is in this position then I’d like to know who you are. I suspect (although I have never read it) that Andy will no longer take a client that doesn’t have or want to have a blogging strategy. I see this as a “massive shift” in how one PR co can pitch vs another. I’d also see it shaping the type of services provided and the education services that may overlap or be a prerequisite to creating the business relationship.

I’d like to add to Andy’s post and I’m sure even some of his “blogger” comrades may pick up on it. I believe his blogging clients have learned to:

1) listen more effectively
2) track what users are saying and wade into the conversations
3) reach out to people… sometimes I think with surprising supportive results.
4) build beta beta test programs.
5) speed their response rates and know where to take action

I’m betting that:
a) their dollars have gone way further
b) they are seen as more authentic industry leaders – builds profile
c) better prepared for any crisis should it come / happen.

The best recognition is the results that his clients have had within the VoIP arena, visibility, sale, etc. I have used both Truphone and Nokia as workshop case studies to illustrate some starting points.

Andy, I’d love to see you share more on Blogging and PR.

  • The fall of traditional media,
  • blogger outreach programs,
  • what makes a good blogging client,
  • pitfalls to watch out for

If you are a demanding corporate blogger — what should you demand from your PR firm?

  • What category strategies are you and your PR firm jointly enabling?
  • What collective bookmarking may be available to you?
  • How are you collectively shaping Industry direction?
  • What metric are you applying?
  • What search criteria are you using?
  • What’s your tagging strategy?

A blog doesn’t always start and end exactly the way you expected. I find that blogs often shape themselves; depending on the day and what else one’s seen. As I’ve recently been talking to more and more brand marketers in traditional firms I’m seeing that their PR and Advertising firms generally are not serving them well. These firms are not staffed to handle the new environment, while the clients are usually not accountable for “conversational marketing”, conversations or the impact of social media. As such it remains no mans land for many organizations.

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