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October 8, 2007

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This is a perfect story for a brand to pick up on or at least tag. If I was a Skype brand manager today I’d want to capture at least a link or a bookmark. I’d also want this capture visible to all (on the Skype website or my BM link blog), and a comment left on the blog. The Skyper in this post is a brand advocate and I’d wager introduced more than a few people to the joys of Skyping. Clarence Fisher is a teacher in Canada, he is writing about Classroom 2.0 and New Literacies in Action. His post represents what we look for in facilitating "conversational marketing". Skype’s brand was built on a combination of conversational marketing and simply viral uptake. However, it was the stories that created it.

Many brands have stories like these. It is easy to demonstrate for almost any organization in minutes; certainly not hours. The majority of companies don’t see them, if they do they don’t recognize them or use them as an asset which they are.

Remote Access: Expectations

I have realized that my kids have the expectation, the realization, that this type of communication is even possible. Even though they live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, they will constantly look at my Skype list and ask me where people are from. They understand that this type of full, two way audio and video communication is easy enough that it can be done while I am doing dishes or cutting up vegetables, getting ready for supper.

Note: this post just appeared in my Technorati "Skype" newsfeed. Just scrolling down I see two more that reflect positively. Earlier today I furled a link to Your Brand is not my Friend. In the context of social networking sites the author was correct; and yet I’m sure "Skype" is Clarence’s friend.

Some questions:
How are you consuming / receiving information content like this?
Do you recognize it?
Are you still just satisfied with PR clippings once per month? (What does that cost?!)
Do you have customized feeds?
Who is responsible?
Are you getting real-time updates?

I’m convinced that conversational marketing starts with listening. Listening enables the conversation. Bookmarking content empowers the need and the understanding to wade in and learn more.

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