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October 8, 2007

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My blog buddy Dina has used a Radio Blog from the very beginning. Sometime after setting her up I went on to MT and we’ve run projects there over the years. Still, it is hard to change a blog platform once you are wedded to it. In that way it is a little like a bank account… it seems like a lot of hassle to change and then finally you have to bite the bullet. I personally think this is even worse with hosted services which will continue to take your money so you can keep your blog and history there.

So Dina has a new blog and I will shortly move mine too; again to WordPress; using many of the plug-ins that we have been experimenting with on Mosoci.

I will blog separately on the plug-ins, what we’ve learned works, what new things we can do. I know we are taking our use of these tools to a new level.  Separately, when you have blogged for four years at the same URL; have feeds etc. you have some trepidation about moving to a new location. Despite all the "you can import and export" your content often it isn’t easy to retain your URL’s and thus a change breaks links. One way we have dealt with this is to create Google custom search engines which merge the search for new and old content.

Conversations with Dina (old) Conversations with Dina (new)

New Blog URL – http://dinamehta.com/
Subscribe via RSS 2.0 – http://dinamehta.com/feed/
Subscribe via Atom – http://dinamehta.com/feed/atom/
Comments feed – http://dinamehta.com/comments/

So update your reader.

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