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October 8, 2007

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Lee Bryant writes an excellent post on Social Tools for Internal Communications. Includes adding value by "social filtering", the "social stack" and how social tools are adding value. It’s a must read. I’ve pulled out a quote from it below that relates to what I have come to think of as typical aggregator management, reading and bookmarking behavior. (Lot of posts on this topic recently.) Points I’d like to add

1) Consider Lee’s comments overall in terms of the impact on communication within the enterprise and how social bookmarking is becoming an increasingly important communications hub.

2) Explore how use of these tools relaxes control and yet speeds up the flow of input and assessment in real-time. Similarly how their impact on attention data can expose "things" that otherwise may be missed in the more traditional silos and KM pyramids.

3) LISTENING: For me all of conversational marketing; getting PR and Ad agencies on board starts with listening. I’m certain most companies do a lousy job of listening. RSS / Newsreaders and a social bookmarking strategy are you first steps in learning how and where to listen.

Headshift :: Social tools for Internal Communications

From my 300+ sources, I may skim read 1000+ items every day, of which I might bookmark 10; if something really newsworthy is going on then I might write one blog post or internal analysis based on one or more of these signals. That means that as an individual, I am rigorously filtering my information inputs by amplifying the signals of 10 stories and perhaps adding my own insight and analysis to one key development in any given day. Imagine for a moment that a significant proportion of 5000 person knowledge organisation do this every day. The resulting social signals about what is important would be incredibly useful to the organisation as a whole, and would provide a far greater return for the overall investment of time and attention than unconnected reading and research. Creating this kind of flow for signals, information and insight is one of the key objectives of a social knowledge sharing strategy.

Net Net. What I’m seeing. We are again in exciting times. The social tools, and meta data are going to continue to reinvent the communications hub. This will have important ramifications for both directories and "click to connect" futures.

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