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October 25, 2007

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Go Poke someone! In fact go poke 20 people right now. 50 if you want. Some you know, some you don’t, some male, some female. It’s an experiment. It’s okay you can report back too. I’ve added a question on Facebook too. What’s the meaning of “poke” on Facebook? And right now I am …. well poking around.

Dave McClure has written this fantastic blog post on being poked and poking. Poking at least on Facebook has had me sort of confused. So I needed a little courage to go out and experiment! I’m definitely at the “hi there” end of the spectrum!

Poke_spectrum_2but some part of my own little Facebook hallucination does feel like that. it’s weird but i remember the distinct moment when all this “clicked” into place for me — i was hanging out up at a conference in Seattle, and all of a sudden poke wasn’t this weird thing that meant i wanted to bang someone… it was like a light tap on the shoulder in the blogosphere. i started scrolling down a list of friends on my mobile phone and just poking several people at random. poke, poke, poke. and i giggled at myself. i was giddy, drunk with the Power of Poke!…and it felt like the most natural thing.except that a month earlier, it would have been the most UNnatural thing.

Master of 500 Hats: The Zen of Poke: A Facebook Story

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