Brand2.0 Applied to iPod Touch by Apple

October 26, 2007

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I got three notifications today that Apple will launch a new iPod Touch commercial created by a student Nick Haley and uploaded to You Tube. It’s good, in fact it’s great! It’s also the future and for me a perfect example of Brand2.0.

Apple got lucky and yet should be credited with 1)seeing it (listening!) on YouTube, 2)understanding how it fits into the conversation (and culture) and 3)facilitating / growing the conversation. Now you can almost feel even more budding screenwriters rushing to create Apple content! Apple’s added further empowerment to their evangelists and got a nice story to boot. (There will be new one’s soon just to leverage the halo effect). While Apple’s marketing continues to foster the conversation and make current owner feel good too.

As of yesterday, Mr. Haley’s spot has been viewed 2,131 times on Among the viewers were marketing employees at Apple in Cupertino, Calif., who asked staff members on the Apple account at TBWA/Chiat/Day to get in touch with Mr. Haley about producing a professional version of the commercial.

Consumers creating commercials “is part of this brave new world we live in,” said Lee Clow, chairman and chief creative officer at TBWA Worldwide, based in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Playa del Rey.

“This is my first taste” of advertising, he added, but offered a thoughtful response when asked what it means if consumers like him are willing to make commercials.

“That’s the whole point of advertising; it needs to get to the user,” Mr. Haley said. “If you get the user to make the ads, who better?”

Student’s Ad Gets a Remake, and Makes the Big Time – New York Times

A Pete says: The Internet is a really weird place. The economics look pretty good too.
1) get your users to create the content / ad.
2) put it up on YouTube
3) commenters provide insight in good or bad.
4) approach the creator and copy it.

In this case, saved Apple a bomb on development, hit the NYTimes before the commercial is even launched etc. I really believe there will be more companies that find themselves in this position and would like to be in Apple’s shoes. Apple is very in touch with its users. Apple is also a retailer, that makes it distinctly different from almost any other company in the categories it sells into. So while they haven’t done much yet to create a visible two-way social media conversation with users. Example: no Apple blogs and the usual cries of secrecy. They do have itunes and podcasts etc. They have again demonstrated that they “listen” very effectively. It’s not that hard to find content related to your business if you are looking for it. It does demonstrates that they are 1) acting on it, and 2)doing it in real-time.

Take a lead from Apple. Start with listening. No question a plumb job right now would be leading Social Media Development at Apple. It certainly wouldn’t start with an external blog.

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Andrew October 26, 2007 at 5:23 pm

It is such a great example of a company discarding the NIH habit it is refreshing. It also helps that the ad is fantastic, and of course, done on a Mac.

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