Skype Rates and SkypeToGo

April 21, 2008

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While lots of Skype news today is about their new rates my rummaging around in the details finally got me to take a look at SkypeToGo. SkypeToGo creates a local number for you to dial into. You can also assign up to six frequent names or use it as a way to dial PSTN numbers from your mobile or home phone. No catches. It’s not really a new or a neat trick – dial a number to get access to cheaper rates for where you want to dial.

I saw the value in a different quarter. It allows you to set up your locked down AT&T PSTN landline to have access to free calling whether US or globally. From a user perspective… the family can use my account to make all the long distance calls without needing my computer or another phone plugged in. I just have to tell them the local number to dial. They can add it to their mobile etc. No more messing with Skype Business Accounts to top up their Skype accounts and no more need to set up their accounts, or PC’s etc when they cannot be bothered. It’s just a simpler way to get them to save money. It’s also a lot cheaper than buying a worldwide plan for my wife as well as me. Now one Worldwide plan can suit the whole family.

As a method it really has nothing to do with Skype just leveraging their interconnect infrastructure. Still the SkypeToGo number is going up on our wall. Good chance that for my wife will it redefine what a Skype call means. Unfortunately that sort of dumbs it down. Further downside… it doesn’t move telephony much further ahead.

Oh the new rates… much better than the SkypePro option that proceeded it.

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