It All Comes Out in the Wash

May 5, 2008

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I just returned home from India and the first chore is doing the “washing”. Throwing the clothes in the Kenmore will have some special meaning today after visiting Dhobi Ghat last week where the Dhobi’s flog the clothes on the stone.

There is an expression… “it all comes out in the wash”. Dhobi Ghat gives new meaning to this cliche.

Often described as the world largest open air laundry in practice it is hard to see quite how everything comes out so so clean. Strong bleach I’m sure. The washers are two feet in a square concrete tank and seem to enjoy beating clothes to death. It works very effectively. In fact these entrepreneurs rent the stalls from the Mumbai City for 300 rupees a month (just repeating what I was told; thus about $7.50. The fee for a clean ironed and starched business shirt is about 10 rupees. Call it 25 cents! Apparently even the Taj Hotel sends shirts here (and they will charge you US rates for the same day service). Can’t be sure of course. The labeling system was beyond me. Inked paper on a thin thread. There are actually many groups working here.

More Pictures and a Video here

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