My Twitter Updates for 2008-07-26

July 26, 2008

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  • I’m still struggling with a twitter sized 144 character TOS or terms of service…. for naturally a new an unproven service… #
  • Solved my TOS problem! One less task to do . #
  • will have to add it.. WordPress on the iPhone. #
  • What does it take to make it simple to talk to your twitter friends? #
  • Early this year I started asking myself how we could talk to each other on Twitter. I mean really talk not just short message exchanges. #
  • @ffunch so we need a session… and all our friends should be able to join in? #
  • @band yeah.. why not talk? Problem is the spontaneity button for talking is missing on twitter right now. #
  • @edwardvielmetti can’t say I’m familiar with that. Still if it gets more people crazy about Twitter …could talk be part of a tweet? #
  • @gwachob my AC works but the pool is empty… and waiting for replastering.. wrong time of year! #
  • @shelisrael limits on how many you can follow on twitter? Thats a new one… will just create new workaround too… Take it you are not sure #
  • Retweeting @CreativeSage: What happens if you hit a Twitter limit: Users, beware. (It’s very vague on following) #
  • @CreativeSage archiving twitter.. use feedwordpress import and then use Ultimate Category excluder to keep off main page and out of RSS feed #

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