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August 1, 2008

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  • @phweeter Hi this is the 5:00 session talking about the top topcs in Twitter search… · Manny Ramirez
    &m … #
  • so the session is established… click on the link complete a short message and you can join in #
  • @stuarthenshall πŸ˜‰ @geekmommy #
  • @GeekMommy i pressed accept and then waited.. do you have an ad blocker? try the room let’s coordinate on teh message screen #
  • I’ve had a bundle of ideas shared with me all afternoon. One thing I’ve learnt. RIght now multiple Phweet browsers open is a bad idea. #
  • @dodgersblog Would you like to turn the Β· Manny Ramirez

    Β· The Dodgers move into a conversation?

    Β· The Dar … #

  • @gwachob have a bug! I killed my end of it… #
  • @geekmommy Let’s see if we can get on up and running… Manny is still in the lead! #
  • @mrblog @edwardvielmetti sense you both would have a great conversation over making more of the Phweet API. #
  • Ok I’m taking the approach that I have to move on on Phweets sent after a reasonable time. Hope they Phweet me back! Have another to answer #
  • @gwachob πŸ™‚ #
  • @gwachob πŸ™‚ Hi stuart, this is cool! #
  • pzriddle your right! give me 12 hours and I’ll get it up; at least screen shots. The four step to a new Phweet. Log in. Invite, Wait, Talk. #
  • @gwachob really enjoyed our Phweet. Love the oAuth enhancment suggestions. You should talk to @mrblog #
  • @evanwolff is suggesting that Phweet run an open source instance we operate of .. Interesting. #
  • Yep I buy that… we are “addressing by conversation” rather than “addressing by person”. That’s a Phweet difference! #
  • @zenaweist @geekmommy says you need some help. send one to me and l will get you talking! #
  • @band thanks bill. I suspect we need a lot more converation around the address the URL or the fact that it is a one time exchange… #
  • @jangles Thanks for the mention and @danyork for reporting! #
  • @phweeter πŸ™‚ Lets Phweettalk! #
  • @phweeter πŸ™‚ let’s Phweettalk! #
  • @scrawford could the web really be on Phweet by OneWebDay? I hope so. Let me know if I can help with any sessions #
  • Retweeting @WhoWhat: @phweet congrates on the nice job done so far .. wish you all the best along the alpha, beta and future stages. πŸ™‚ #
  • @jangles Excellent! although not tonight. It’s almost 2:00am Be great to work on it with you. #
  • @vijaykalangi just checking in on Phweet. #
  • Three steps to a PhweetAlpha… The gritty truth is we didn’t say how to do it. It also means we are learning more! #
  • @jangles That would work for me! (now time rather than channel is negotiated publicly, did that happen before?) #
  • Nobody will care thatt I have a 7:00PST conference call in the morning and that’s not far away. They don’t tweet so we can’t Phweet – sniff #
  • @jangles awesome I can move from the old worl d to the new world and really won’t know the difference. #
  • @aswath hey missed that line in the post – yes you should clarify. Obiviously a bridge set up and destroyed after each call. #
  • @aswath and @mrblog phweet need the language Twitter is the directory and signalling for the voice bridge that connect two or more parties #
  • am looking forward to phweeting with @jangles later this morning. #
  • I got a response to Phweet less than 48hours ago that surpirsed me still sorrywasn’t the chance to share it with many friends before /laos #
  • @aswath you are right! any social network profile can be your new caller ID. Right now Twitter is your Caller ID on Phweet. TIck! #
  • @khylek Hey thanks for the support! I just want people talking! Looked at ifbyphone to see if I could use it when doing the how to… #
  • Retweeting @timoreilly @louisgray: New Blog Post: TweetStats Shows Impact of Instability on Top Tweeters’ Activ #
  • @jeffpulver go to and use skype, phone, callme , phweet, etc.. and more that is not visible. There’s a demand #
  • Comment from Nick Branstator on 3 steps to a Phweet. “fascinating to see the β€œinvite to bridge a call” application spread” #
  • @hpnews Hi let’s Phweet! #
  • @stuarthenshall πŸ˜‰ @dina #
  • @dina hi .. i want in on the fun #
  • @barb_g Hi Barb, I’ll try it with you! #
  • @johnniemoore will you introduct him to @phweet too? That beeing too pushy? πŸ˜‰ #
  • @illuminato see any more opportunities for how we can phweet rolling? Let me know if I can help you get one up and running. #
  • I’m watching a skype chat.. it is a stream compared to trying to learn how to operate in a twitter chat. I feel like I need tips. #
  • @edwardvielmett @mrblog good you connected! #
  • at this point 70% of phweets are private. they don’t all make it to #
  • @Barb_G right now anyone needs to know I’m willing to test. I simply take Phweets and show how it works. Big opportunities for PR I believe #
  • @khylek Thanks! πŸ™‚ Ideas are important and Phweet is a new one. It’s about action and I’m in need of help already! #
  • @SocialTNT how about in 45 minutes? #
  • @edwardvielmetti can join in just a few minutes #
  • @edwardvielmetti better late than never? #
  • @kencamp Hi Ken! How’d it go. Heard you overcame some problems. #
  • @SherylBreuker hope @kencamp isn’t cutting you off.. #
  • on Phweet on iPhone…. mobility Phweet and Twitter really go together. #
  • #tweetstats cool but how will it make money? Do you know if people will talk stats publicly? Maybe Phweet about them? #
  • @jerrymichalski ah your favorite app again. #
  • #dontgo wondering if any of you want the opportunity talk about it? #
  • NetShare is getting a plenty of tweets? Anyone want to tell me about it on Phweet? and sound cool for iphon. #
  • @CoachDeb I like what you doing with Twitcasts like to explore how this could work with Phweet. #
  • @CoachDeb twitter has to sort out this follow limitation. Thanks 4 feedback know you get it and will know how to use it and make it better #
  • @researching πŸ™‚ want to try that again? hoping i set it up correctly! #
  • @researching Hi Judith, this is a call where you will be the recipient rather than the host. #
  • I was phweeting and walking around the garden with @researching on Phweet…. via twitter. Now that is cool. #

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