My Twitter Updates for 2008-08-02

August 2, 2008

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  • a quote from a Skype chat.. not mine. “To mood is mere social trivia but to speak to an issue or to a topic has much greater value” Twitter #
  • @band was I caught in a skype chat? Yep all these services.. but I was trying to move them here. Think my promise they can now Talk here. #
  • @veroniquec I hope not — and hope we get you up and running soon. #
  • Phweet not logging in is likely a twitter problem right now. However usually we ruturn a page with the twitter error #
  • @mrblog seems the log in error is twitter although our screen is just returning the generic I sent earlier.. #
  • Why does the best thinking come when your whole system is on fire? Plenty of work done behind the scenes tonight on Phweet. #
  • A few luckyfollowers have been latched onto by @betaphweet (long way2 go) who gave them testing minutes for their mobile – iPhone Phweeting! #
  • Retweeting konterfai_rss @phweet initially i had trouble to understand – but now, i love “phweet” #nice #group ( i needed one to sleep on! #
  • so many nice things happened overnight on Phweet… Thanks for the great notes, the posts updates and we are up and running again. #
  • Send me a Phweet if you want to test. Am certain to get some of that in today. #

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