My Twitter Updates for 2008-08-03

August 3, 2008

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  • Spent the night working on @phweet. It’s taken me away from commenting on wonderful new blog posts thank you! My inbasket flooded. FUN 4ME #
  • had a link saying @phweet was on presume we are not in the dictionary / how does one go about defining a Phweet #
  • I have a @mjgraves sending you one now! #
  • @mjgraves Hi. let’s talk #
  • @mjgraves can’t sent direct messages as you are still not following me. So I will only see a @stuarthenshall public call request. #
  • @GarrettSmith would like to try @phweet out with you. #
  • @mjgraves okay I am on the bridge but you are not connected. #
  • @stuarthenshall 😉 @phweeter #
  • @mjgraves 🙂 and now I contact you #
  • @mjgraves huge thanks! I get more and more excited! #
  • @dina 🙂 lets talk. would @mjgraves like to join? #
  • @bo @mrblog #
  • @gwachob #
  • A phweet is a request to talk. It doesn’t put the call through straight away. You have to wait for the other person to see it. Leave it open #
  • phweet is like sending and SMS asking can you talk. If the recipient says yes then you are both connected. Be patient listen for the whistle #
  • thanks to @mgraves for testing and sharing how you use JunctionNetworks with Phweet. #
  • About to try apple walnut creek for demo iPhone for @phweet #
  • off to visit @bo on phweet enhancements. If you have a fix this today.. be a good idea to send me messages. #
  • @bo 🙂 Testing Phweet #
  • @bo so when are you going to get an iPhone it’s a great way to happy phweets #
  • @phweeter hi i want to experiment too #
  • joined @phweeter with @bo @stuarthenshall @kristimcfarland #

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