My Twitter Updates for 2008-08-14

August 14, 2008

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  • Heading to the Berkeley breakfast at Saul’s haven’t made it in ages. Pancakes maybe. #
  • @jonhusband Saw you were trying to connect and missed the session. #
  • At breakfast no wifi edge sucks where is 3g @Aswath neat link thanks #
  • @dina testing SMS notifications over devices. Has Twitter turned off or not activated the full service? #
  • @jeffubois @bengross @identitywoman was great sharing phweet with you all this morning. thanks for listening looking forward to reconnecting #
  • @ae6rt mark thought you might like to direct phweet calls to your mobile. try (change) and add your number now. #
  • I wish my swimming pool was full of water rather than waiting for the plasterer to come. I need a dip #
  • @patphelan really nice today… out east we have the AC on. Let’s meetup while you are here. #
  • @kencamp @ae6rt @SherylBreuker thanks for playing burger hunt when I was demoing. Got local answer in SanMateo over twinkle. That’s Phweet #
  • @jangeirnaert your burger joint is a little off my beaten path although hope to get there one day. #
  • @jerrymichalski do they lodge there or pass through? How many nano particles in the human body. #
  • What percent of twitter user have their setting on “all @ replies” rather than the default “followers” only? Default bad for communications #
  • The advantage of updating from the iPhone is I can make some sense of the lifestream and it leaves markers #
  • @SherylBreuker is the only way! still lots of confusion I find with “d” messages too. Are you using SMS for notifications? needs iPhone 2cy #
  • @illuminato asking for an email is a classic case of having to exit the system to escalate the conversation. Why not Phweet and attach file? #
  • @IdentityWoman that’s a hornet’s nest and 1/2. never seen that site before… definitely not the target! 😉 #
  • @3gfalcon Hi would you like to take this discussion on Twitter and SMS into a global conference call? #
  • @3GFalcon hi see you are in the exchange… do you have a problem with the flash connection? #
  • @SherylBreuker haven’t optimized Phweet yet for the blackberry / mobile. On the list. #

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